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Thinking of taking up a new hobby? Why not try boxing? Boxing Meal Plan

With Anthony Joshua having one of his biggest fights this month, it really gets you in the mood to try boxing, right?

First things first, what do you eat when you are training because surely food has an impact on how well you can train? Indeed, so we have a few tips for you as your chosen number one caterer in London.

First you reduce high fat and fast foods that contain unhealthy saturated fats; this is because you need to eat good wholesome fresh food. You could include protein with lean meat, low fat milk and yoghurt with nuts and seeds. This actually is found throughout our menus, so if you are booking a breakfast or a lunch with us, check the items that include this because we are all training to be the next AJ and we could not feel better.

Another tip is to have a variety of carbs that include rice, pasta and fruit. This is why we include a delicious fruit platter with all of our lunch packages because it has such great nutritional value.

Our final tip for you future AJs’ is to never skip a meal. You need three regular meals and snacks throughout the day to ensure you keep that metabolism up. If you have meetings all day, you need to ensure you have lunch delivered-in because you are only slowing down the metabolism otherwise.

If you ever need any healthy ideas, why not give us a call on 0207 334 3930 for more lunch options with a purpose.