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6 Crazy Wedding Ideas for your dream day

If you are in need of event furniture and event equipment hire for your next event, The Event Hire Company (TEHC) is on hand to provide an outstanding service with excellent efficiency. With over 10 years of experience and a plethora of well-respected clients. They can provide furniture and styling for any event imaginable. Specialising in bespoke styling, they have an inventory to ensure your event is themed to whatever you dream up.

Here are 6 ideas for an amazing wedding

  1. Instead of numbers, baptise each table with an important address for your relationship then write a short story of this address. For example, where you met or where you first kissed.
  2. Make your entry a lot more memorable. Most of the bridegrooms are happy to come to the restaurant with a rented limousine, a wagon or an antique car. Call for an allegorical car or a balloon flight, for example, to ensure an unforgettable moment.
  3. Take the wedding testimonies to another level. For example, at Hollywood star events, stars receive what is called a “goodie bag”, meaning a bag of goodies. In this bag may be small gifts and attention that, summed up, exceeds the value of the whole wedding. However, the idea of ​​goodie bag can be successfully implemented at weddings instead of the usual testimonies. In this pouch can be mini-cosmetics, such as miniature soaps and shampoos, jars with jam, honey, coffee, sugar, even dark, small bottles of cocoa, wine, brandy or any drink. If at least some of these are produced at home, they will not cost much either.
  4. n many areas of the country, the wedding tradition of the wedding bouquets is still preserved. If you want to incorporate this custom into your wedding but want to give it a modern touch, invite your guests to design these small floral arrangements themselves. Discuss with the wedding organizer and ask him to provide some flowers with flowers, sticks, ribbons and laces. All you have to do is place a readable card on the table where the guests receive instructions.
  5. Have some time to look at the number of children who will accompany their parents to the wedding. To ease their task, you can make available to guests with children a room dedicated exclusively to those where adequate food is available for the little ones, as well as an animator or more that will help supervise and maintain the little ones with various games and activities age-specific.
  6. Personalize the light play of the room where the wedding party will take place depending on the season. If the party is held in summer or spring, talk to the technical team if they can project leaves, flowers or birds on the walls. At the same time, if your wedding takes place in winter, ask for some snowflakes to give a fairytale picture of the entire hall.

Providing for weddings, barbeques and much more, TEHC has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your event furniture goes above and beyond your expectations. Alleviating the stress of event planning, TEHC provides both furniture items and styling products and will make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

TEHC’s success in event supplying has not gone unnoticed either, having been shortlisted as a finalist for The Drum UK Event Awards in 2015. Contact TEHC through their website to truly experience their bespoke styling at your next event. www.eventhireonline.co.uk