Our most popular clean eating sandwich | KUDOS Delivered

Our most popular clean eating sandwich

So what is new in KUDOS Delivered this year? One thing that we have noticed is how everyone is after something a little healthier than a plain old sandwich. People are now searching for that alternative that is easy to eat through your boss going through stats but also to be aware of the health benefits of eating through the incredibly long meetings. As a nation, we do love a good sandwich at lunch but do we really love a fattening one?

Do you ever just wish the sandwiches that your ever-so-polite office manager provided were a little healthier so you can have that Friday treat cake at 4pm? We have to admit we do love bread so we have not replaced that just yet but we have come up with the clean eating sandwich that is flying out of the kitchen quicker than you can say office delivery.

This ultimate sandwich includes delicious wholemeal bread, a dash of coconut oil, 1 egg, the ripest avocado and a topping of tomato to add that flavour. If you want to take it further, you can take away the bread and add delicious salad instead.

It is true, the weather is cold and you need a good gym-loving sandwich so we also can add a clean spoon of pesto just to add that flair.

So next time you are in that meeting drifting onto cloud nine whilst your boss is talking incessantly, take a bite out of this little sandwich and thank us on your next weigh-in.