Not all superheroes wear capes…some wear aprons! | KUDOS Delivered

Not all superheroes wear capes…some wear aprons!

Known as the curator of creative canapés and the master of mind-boggling meals, Richard Webb is the omniscient culinary deity here at Kudos Delivered. Formally known as Head Chef, Rich is the genius behind many of the innovative dishes we offer. He has a knack for creating completely new food concepts from scratch.

When he isn’t armed with a pan and a spatula, Rich bears his passport and sunglasses and enjoys travelling the world. Seeing the globe from different perspectives is one of the reasons why he loves to incorporate a variety of cuisines into our ever-expanding menu. Whether it’s skiing down the side of the French Alps, slaloming between snow hills or powering through the bustling crowds of Milan’s city centre, Rich is always on the lookout for new foodie inspiration and tangible tastes he can incorporate into his culinary portfolio.

It’s not all talk when it comes to Rich’s heroism though, the proof really is in the pudding. Staying true to his sweet tooth, he and the team have created a variety of appetite appeasing and visually pleasing desserts that have won the hearts (and stomachs) of people across London. Take the dessert creation below for example; a selection of strawberry mousses topped with strawberry jelly and freshly picked strawberry slices served in frozen glass cups that provide just enough substance to satisfy a sweet craving.


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