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National Baking Week: Here are some of the most ridiculous bakes you’ll ever see

It’s a pretty special week for us. Baking is one of the most popular attributes of home cooking in the UK, with shows such as Great British Bake Off (GBBO) incurring huge rises in baking related products and we’re not just talking about the cakes either. The party catering industry has also seen a huge rise in popularity and this doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down any time in the near future. According to, baking product sales have grown 62% since the 2007 premiere of GBBO (ThisisMoney, 2014).

So to celebrate this glorious week, we’ve compiled some of the greatest and most ridiculous bakes we’ve ever laid eyes on. From the wonderful to the wacky, this list features entries from across the talent spectrum of baking.

Devil Oreo bites

These red-filled chocolatey bakes are as delicious as they look. Firstly, they’re biscuits within cakes! What isn’t to like?! The fact that this is a chocolate cake also earns it extra kudos in the realm of baking. Despite having the demeanour of interdimensional cookies, the Oreos are in fact quite rare here in the UK but are readily available in the United States and Canada. Perhaps bizarrely named ‘Winter Oreos’, these delicious looking biscuits seem more apt for Halloween and would make excellent party catering food for any occasion regardless of the purpose. Using red food colouring on the surface of these bakes turns the boring old brownie into something fun and vibrant. Serve up these bites on October 31 to deliver a spooky treat to kids and adults alike.

The Perfect Wedding Cake 


Forget the traditional tiered wedding cake or even the cupcake stack, this life-sized wedding dress cake is arguably one of the most outrageous things that have ever been baked. Standing at a proud 5ft tall, this cake even incorporates its very own dress form mannequin for added realism. The cake itself is predominantly made out of light sponge to reduce the weight of the item and houses a metal rod to support the dress form. The elegant and sultry design exterior is beautifully crafted to ensure the cake looks as wearable as it is edible. The true price of this cake is unknown, however it’s evident that a cake this special won’t come cheap!

The minion cake ‘attempt’


We go from the ridiculously good to the ridiculously hilarious with this next bake. Inspired by a professional baking service on Pinterest, this avid home baker attempted to emulate the ever-so-popular Despicable Me cake which is a hit with children across the world. Unfortunately for this individual, things didn’t work out so great and the cake now looks perfect for a Halloween gathering. A prime example of party catering that has gone terribly wrong. This melting minion looks as if it’s lifting itself out of a shadowy portal from another world and deservingly earns its spot on our ridiculous bakes list.

Fairytale castle cake


This incredible cake actually looks like one of the best cakes ever made. It was used as a wedding cake and designed with a three tone colour scheme in mind. The bake itself is a mind-blowing 4ft tall, complete with picturesque traditional castle décor and a lighting system that spans the entire internal structure of the cake. To add that personal touch, the cake features fondant figurines of both the bride and groom together on the first tier. This cake is no less than extravagant and is a brilliant way to separate the weird and wonderful from the norm. A great idea and great execution to match!

Basketball cake

Dooby Brain

This cake is undoubtedly one slice away from becoming an actual basketball. Even now, it’s incredibly tempting to remove it from its stand and aim for a three-pointer. This perfectly spherical cake features multiple layers of sponge held together with vanilla crème and jam on the final layers to hold the sponge in place. The cake is then wrapped in a thick orange fondant and carefully detailed to give that real basketball appearance. Notice the intricate circular imprints that surround the cake in its entirety and also the accurate logo cut outs pasted onto the front of the ball. This is a ridiculous bake done properly and I’m sure that it made Mike a very happy birthday boy indeed.

The cake with ‘nothing’ on it

The Maritime Site

The last one on our ridiculous bakes countdown entails more misinterpretation than downright ridiculousness. When you request a cake to have nothing on it, you’d hope to get a cake with no writing on it whatsoever, however this unlucky customer got exactly what they asked for. Ironically, the writing is neither stylish nor uniform and seemed spitefully written on such a well decorated and detailed cake. Regardless of the situation, the cake has as many uses as the chocolate-iced writing that lies on top of it and therefore makes it a fitting end to this list of ridiculous bakes.