It is getting a bit chilly, so why not have hot food delivered to your offices? | KUDOS Delivered

It is getting a bit chilly, so why not have hot food delivered to your offices?

It is official. The seasons are finally changing. Long gone are the shorts, vest tops and sandals. We are now in the season to wear coats, scarves and those beautiful boots. Our clothes change with the seasons but shouldn’t office catering too? Should we not treat ourselves inside with hot food like we treat ourselves outside with warm clothes?


Now is the season to look at our amazing hot fork buffet menu, to add that special something to your offices. We have an exclusive new hot buffet package on offer that provides two delicious mains, a substantial starch and a vegetable based dish. For those who have a sweet tooth, we throw in a dessert for you too.


We have the following delicious mains for you (apologies if you get hungry after reading this!)


To make life even easier, we provide a staff member to set-up and break down so you do not need to worry at all. Our hot favourite at this moment is the chicken in mushroom cream sauce with boiled potatoes. We bring our own equipment which is included in the price, so you do not have to worry if you have kitchen facilities, or not!


Beef steak, leek & onion pie
Fragrant Thai green chicken curry, roasted peanuts & coriander
Catalan beef with red peppers & olives
Roasted chicken breast with mushroom & leek cream sauce
Moroccan lamb tagine with coriander & flaked almonds
Traditional cottage pie
Turkey, leek & cranberry pie


Fisherman’s pie topped with creamy Cheddar mash
Marsala spiced pollock on a bed of spiced chickpeas

Teriyaki salmon pieces on a bed of bean shoots & pak choi with plum dressing

Salmon & dill fishcake on a bed of fiery chilli & spring onion noodle salad

Pan-fried cod fillet with lemon zest & dill

Smoked haddock, potato gnocchi with wilted greens in a creamed sauce

Coley with caper & parsley crust, steamed new potatoes & salsa verde dressing



Chickpea & potato chat samosas on a bed of herbed lentils (V)
Butterbean cassoulet with mini herb dumplings (V)
Potato gnocchi, sautéed woodland mushrooms & leeks, with truffle oil (V)
Sweet potato & lentil spiced curry in coconut milk (VG)
Macaroni, Cheddar cheese & tomato bake (V)
Spiced butternut & chickpea tagine topped with coriander (VG)
Strudel with roasted Mediterranean vegetables & goats’ cheese with braised red cabbage (V)

If you fancy a stress-free delivery with hot food, give us a call on 0207 334 3930.