In the hot seat – Zuzana | KUDOS Delivered

In the hot seat – Zuzana

How has working for Kudos Delivered improved your professional skill-set?

I would say I have improved my ability to work under pressure and it has also made me more flexible when it comes to working hours. I developed these skills whilst working in the Middle East. In my previous position I used to organise a small number of large-scale events and now at Kudos Delivered I am arranging a large number of smaller events.

What makes Kudos Delivered so different to other caterers when it comes to curating menus?

We always have to bear in mind that our venue is just an office premises and we often work in kitchen areas which are not fully equipped so our menus need to be simple, yet still exceptionally tasty.

What is your favourite dish to cook (either at home or at KD) and why?

I do not really have a favourite dish, I eat everything. However if you offer me any dish which includes bacon, I will definitely not say no!

What is the most creative dish that you’ve ever made? What was your inspiration behind the dish?

Probably the sand cakes I baked when I was four years old. They were very tasty

You are asked to create a main course that revolves around Omani cuisine. Describe what you’d make and provide justification where necessary.

Starter: Mutabal with naan bread (but real naan, not the one you can get from Sainsbury’s).

Main course: Lamb schwa (slow-cooked lamb – at least 12 hours in the sand) served with colourful spicy rice.

Dessert: Omani halwa (traditional sweets) with kahva.

How does working for Kudos Delivered allow you to express your creativity?

As business development executive, I would say it is more about being organised and punctual. However, I can express my creativity at Kudos Delivered by being resourceful at handling last minute changes.