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How many canapés per person do you need for an event?

Believe it or not, canapé receptions are not the easiest to plan if you aren’t a caterer.

You have so many questions. How many canapés do you need per person per hour? How much is a good amount to spend? Do you complement the canapés with Prosecco? Will your directors like more meaty canapés or shall we stick to salmon predominantly? There are too many questions to ask, so you wonder who can we call for advice? The answer is always your caterer. A good caterer has the answers for all of these questions and will create a menu that suits all of your guests and believe us when we say London is an ever-changing crowd. For example, vegan canapés are definitely making their way onto our menu due to high demand.

Behind the scenes, we are working out how long the reception should be and determining the demographics for the group. Believe it or not, predominately male groups require almost a third more canapés for an evening reception and predominately female groups require a dessert canapé to really keep the crowd sweet. We recommend our favourite canapés as chicken roulade, sweet chilli prawns, beef Wellington, and mushroom tartlet. The sweet treat canapé has to be the lavender panna cotta! We produce all of this within 24 hours of delivery.

As a caterer, if you were looking to host a two hour canapé reception, we recommend ten canapés per person with 4 glasses of Prosecco (ice cold of course!) A good budget is £25-£30 per person for this and we are sure we can match any quotation.

So next time you are looking for answers to your canapé conundrum, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time and ask away. That is what we are here for after all!