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Hot favourite gluten-free lunch options

More and more of our clients are looking for gluten-free options in our menus. We have seen this rise rapidly in this year alone so we are sure you must be too in the work place. We believe that you can have a very appealing lunch that is gluten-free and we want to share with you our recommended options.

In the past there have always been limited items for those suffering with wheat allergies, coeliac disease and intolerances to choose from, but our chefs are looking to change this and have put together some delicious dishes on our menus to impress and satisfy, as it is now just as popular as a lifestyle choice rather than just for the health factor.

We would love to recommend the following:

Broccoli salad with bacon, raisins, & Cheddar cheese

Freshwater crayfish, avocado, radish, watercress & lemon scented potatoes

Feta cheese, fresh herbs, mixed lettuce, baby potatoes & olive oil dressing

Breast of chicken marinated in spices, rice, sweetcorn & mixed peppers

Chargrilled aubergine, courgette, red & yellow peppers with sun-blushed tomatoes & basil pesto dressing

We hope you will agree that these menus look delicious and will ensure that your guests on a gluten-free diet are finally given some tasty options to choose from.