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Here are the superfoods that you need to know in 2019

Does your New Year’s resolution involve cutting down on calories and improving your health? If so, Kudos Delivered has your back. As dieting and improving health is such a common resolution, we’ve collated some of the best superfoods from around the world in order to help you achieve your goals this year.

Maca powder

Maca powder has surged in popularity over the past year and its superfood status is warranted by the wealth of health benefits it contains. Classified as a root vegetable, maca is grown in the vast mountains of Peru Maca and is known to improve skin conditions, boost energy levels and increase the amount of iron in your body. With these combined benefits, maca is one powder that you can use almost every day.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are small, rounded and native to Mexico. These small superheroes are packed with fibre and calcium and are perfect if you have any kind of allergies to seafood because of their extremely high levels of omega 3. These super seeds are readily available both online and in-store at most health shops.


As sushi lovers will already know, seaweed is incredibly good for you. It is very iodine dense and just one gram of it will fulfil your daily iodine quota. In addition to the iodine, seaweed packs a large calcium punch and contains more minerals than broccoli. The underwater plant is also great for weight loss as the fibre slows down the digestion process and inhibits sugar absorption. Seaweed is readily available in supermarkets as nori (which are sheets of the plant used for making sushi).

Black pudding

An unlikely entry in this superfood list, black pudding is tipped to be one of the most popular healthy foods of 2016. The blood sausage is extremely high in protein, iron, calcium and magnesium, but also contains a considerable amount of fat. On the other hand, black pudding is essentially carb-free and low-fat options can be purchased from supermarkets. The mixture consists of pork meat cooked in cow blood with gelatin and spices in order for the combination to congeal. While this may put some people off, the health benefits will make you think twice before you avoid it on the menu.


A relatively unknown superfood, this plant is native to North India and contains considerable amounts of protein, vitamin B6 and antioxidants. Sold in both tablet and extract powder form, this mysterious plant is said to actively reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. However due to its rarity, moringa can be expensive. You can expect to pay roughly £7.50 per 100g for this superfood.

There are many more superfoods to cover, however these are some of the best ones to try out in 2016. Even if you buy just one of these items and eat it on a regular basis, you will begin to notice the differences in your general wellbeing. Ditch the refined sugar this year and treat your body like a temple with some delicious superfoods.