Happy Easter from the KUDOS Delivered team | KUDOS Delivered

Happy Easter from the KUDOS Delivered team

Who doesn’t love Easter? Chocolate eggs, bank holidays, hot cross buns, simnel cake and more chocolate… (You can tell what priority number one is at KUDOS Delivered!)

As we have such a large team brimming with different nationalities, different customs and (more importantly) different food, we wanted to find out what each of our team does in their home country to celebrate Easter!


Our very own General Manager, Eva, and Business Development Manager, Zuzana, are from Slovakia and they’ve shared with us some traditional Easter foods:


A traditional Easter bread that is baked on Saturday and Easter Sunday mornings, the Paska is seen as the most important part of the Sunday feast as it symbolically represents Jesus Christ and is often sanctified by a priest, along with various other traditional Slovakian foods such as smoked meats, butter and hrudka (a sweet cheese).

The bread typically comes in a round loaf with a dough braid around the outside alongside a cross on top!

Make your own Paska here.


A Slovakian Easter cheese that is unlike anything you have tasted before! Syrec, is traditionally served alongside baked ham, horseradish and in sandwiches and is a staple at every Slovakian Easter meal. Want to learn how to make it yourself? Find the recipe here.


How is Easter celebrated in Slovakia?

An Easter in Slovakia is celebrated with a tradition that’s unlike anything you may have seen before. The ladies have cold water thrown at them by the men! We are then hit playfully with willow branches, as young men from the village visit every house for gifts such as decorated eggs or alcohol for their efforts… you can see why we always have a change of clothes on hand!”

“Oh… there’s plenty of food too! We eat delicious smoked garlic sausages, hard boiled eggs, dyed in different colours and lovely gammon.”


South Africa

Our Operations Manager, Chris, is from South Africa and here’s one of his favourite Easter foods:

pickled-fish-1700-610x350Cape Malay pickled fish

Typically a white fish like ‘kabeljou’ is used to create a delicious aromatic dish, flavoured with masala and spices.

Make your very own pickled fish here.


How is Easter celebrated in South Africa?

Typically there are a few traditions in South Africa, one is a large Easter egg hunt that families often embark on, followed by egg painting. Others include enjoying the sunshine with friends and family while having a beer!”


Our Events Supervisor, Lukasz, is from Poland and he has shared with us some Polish Easter dishes:

biala-kielbasa-smazonaBiala Kielbasa

This is a white sausage that is every Polish person’s Easter treat. The kielbasa is an unsmoked minced pork sausage that is lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and marjoram. The delicious sausage is then boiled and served with horseradish and mustard.

Click here for a brilliant recipe to make your own!


Basically a cheesecake with different cheese! This delicious sweet dessert is very similar to the cheesecake we know and love but the cheese is made from a traditional Polish cheese called Twaróg which is thicker and sweeter than cream cheese.

Want to try Sernik? Click here.

How is Easter celebrated in Poland?

Typically a breakfast is held in the morning with food that was blessed the previous day. The celebration involves the whole family getting together and sharing well wishes over a spectacular amount of food later in the day. Most people often go for walks with the family, or end up staying in because they’ve eaten so much!”



Veronika, our Events Assistant, is from Estonia and gives us some info about what culinary delights are on offer over the Easter season:


No it’s not déjà vu, this dish has the exact same name as its Slovakian counterpart, but differs in the fact that this version is more of a dessert which is made with cottage cheese and filled with delicious raisins, nuts, candied peel or compôte berries! It’s definitely a crowd pleaser and a dessert that Estonians can’t wait to get their hands on.

Want to make your own? Click here.


How is Easter celebrated in Estonia?

“For Estonians, this time of the year is for spring cleaning and predicting the upcoming summer’s weather by seeing if it rains during the week which often means summer will be wet, or if there’s fog we can look forward to a hot summer!

Another tradition we have is staying in during Good Friday, this is a day of rest…. so we rest! We also decorate eggs with natural colourings and use them as a centrepiece on the table. This is because we have an egg-knocking competition which involves hitting your egg against a family member’s, whoever’s cracks, loses!”


Thanks for reading our blog!

 And on behalf of the whole team at KUDOS Delivered, Happy Easter!