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Halloween Office Party Tips – Ultimate Secrets to Wowing Employees

Halloween is just around the corner. If you’re throwing the office party this year, people are already getting excited at having that celebration, so here’s the guide for you to throwing the best office party with the best caterers in London.

First you need to plan dressing up the space with haunting decorations and spooky snacks. As we are a party catering company by night and a contract catering company by day, you can give us a call for the spooky snacks.  We were thinking maybe blood-thirsty Bakewell tarts and finger sandwich fangs for that lunchtime treat!

The tips we encourage:

  1. Party by committee – Planning an office party can be more challenging than it seems. We definitely see how daunting it can be organising it alone, so make it a group effort. One person decorations and one person tasting? I wonder which one you will be..
  2. Keep it simple – You don’t have to turn your office into a haunted house (unless you really want to) to make it festive for Halloween. Pumpkins, spider webs, bats, and skeletons will never go out of spooky style. Everyone rushes to the food anyway, so a list of London catering services is essential for the organisation. Less is definitely more.
  3. Costume competition – No Halloween party is complete without a costume contest. Select winners in different categories — funniest costume, scariest costume, and most original. And be sure to give out prizes. We were thinking we could even help you in deciding the prizes… bottle of Prosecco anyone?

So here you have our top tips for hosting an office party for Halloween. We aim to deliver London food to you but that does not mean we can’t make it fun!

If you were looking for more advice for your office party, please call us on 0207 334 3938 and we will gladly work through all the details with you because nothing is scarier than deciding the office party budget.