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Five Hot Lunch Ideas That Will Warm Up Your Freezing Office

Hot bowls and hot buffets on the rise for office catering

We are in a new year with a new food trend occurring and the news that office catering has changed once again. Although we love the working lunches and have sold them for thousands of people, a new group of people are ordering hot bowls and buffets to warm up the spirits of the workforce. So we have come up with our top five which are on-trend right now to have that easy-to-eat perfect lunch.

1. Minestrone Soup

People are in diet mode and there is no better way than to swap the bread for soup to fill you up through the day. We are seeing more and more offices thinking of adding soup to the lunch provided because it is just so popular for its health benefits. We would also like to mention with the Russian winds coming over in the next few weeks, why would we not add soup to the diet? We need something to keep us warm, right?

2. Pan-fried gnocchi in a roasted tomato & garlic sauce with spinach & baby mozzarella (V)

This is truly one of the easiest and it is delicious to eat for lunch with its great health benefits in comparison to other options on the menu. The added spinach with a filling of gnocchi can keep you going until the end of the day. Bowled lunches are very much on-trend because of their quirky way to impress the team or clients.

3. Teriyaki salmon pieces on a bed of bean shoots & pak choi with plum dressing protein pots

Salmon is the hot favourite main at the moment with its food qualities and health benefits, so it is no wonder people are eating this main meal more and more. This dish is packed with flavour, looks amazing and also provides with just enough to keep you energised until 5pm. This meal will definitely keep you warm in the freezing office and has that kick to remind you that lunch does not need to be boring at all.

4. Fragrant Thai green chicken curry, roasted peanuts & coriander (vegan option available too!!)

At a loss for what main to have? We recommend this one for its creamy texture and delicious taste. People are looking for something that fills their bellies and puts a smile to the face and we definitely see this one ordered more and more. The best thing is that those who are vegan are loving this alternative too because it just means they can experience a filling lunch too. The roasted peanuts and coriander add that texture which sets us one level higher than any other caterer. It is delicious, easy to eat and perfect. I am just hungry thinking about this one!


Macaroni, Cheddar cheese & tomato bake
Who doesn’t love a hearty bake to keep the team going? This option definitely will keep warm throughout January with that winter breeze with the hearty macaroni. It’s becoming more and more commonplace that customers are looking for hearty meals that fill you up with a side salad to get your money’s worth.

So there you have it, the top five meals that will keep you warm throughout January. As society becomes more health conscious, all of these mains are integrated into our packages, so why not call today on 02073343938 and ask what we would recommend.

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