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How good are you at making a mess?

Eton mess is by far my favourite summer dessert. There can be nothing better than enjoying a light and refreshing Eton mess on a nice summer day.

Originally Eton mess was made of strawberries or bananas with either ice cream or cream. The traditional recipe you probably know contains meringue which was added to the recipe later on.

There are many ways to make an Eton mess and as you know we like to experiment here at KUDOS Delivered. So we have come up with some exciting alternatives that use handmade lemon curd and blackberries or another adding in a light Pimm’s infused strawberry purée! We also colour our meringues to add in some colours. Check out our hot and cold buffet menu options here. As experts in corporate catering services we will have your hot buffet delivered for one of your corporate lunches.

Here is a sneak peek of Eton mess made by our talented chef`s at KUDOS Delivered.


“I like to add a further twist when making Eton mess myself: I use Madagascan vanilla flavoured custard, whipped cream, fresh strawberries and a cheeky marshmallow!”

Here is my favourite recipe for the most delicious Eton mess you have ever tried!


500g strawberries
400ml double cream
2x meringues
Bag of mini marshmallows


Firstly purée half of the washed strawberries and chop the other half.

Whip the double cream until it forms stiff peaks, then add in the strawberry purée. Then split the mixture into four glasses, mixing in the chopped strawberries and mini marshmallows as you go.

Finally crumble the meringues on top and add a sprig of mint for decoration.