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Easter is just another excuse for eating Nutella

As one of the most important days of the calendar year behind Christmas day and Easter Sunday, Nutella day is held annually on February 5th and, as the name suggests, involves happiness, home-baking and a whole lot of hazelnut spread. Embrace the love of Nutella as we guide you through a list of ways you can participate in the chocolatey celebrations with food creations so delicious and graphic that it may even be classed as NSFW. Whether you’re party catering or just eating the whole thing for yourself (recommended), here’s our quick rundown of foodie items you can make with that oh-so loveable chocolate spread.

Nutella chocolate cups

Kirbie Cravings

Yes, we all know that Reeses dominate the chocolate cup world, but make your own with Nutella and I can guarantee that you’d never want to hear the words ‘peanut butter’ and ‘cups’ used in the same sentence ever again. The shell of the cup is a classic milk chocolate, whereas the all-important filling is pure Nutella goodness. These should really be made for party catering purposes but in reality, these brilliant bites wouldn’t even last ten minutes in the open.

Nutella doughnuts


*breathes heavily*. You’d think that the folks over at Nutella would have made this into a commercial product by now, but until that time comes, we can all have the pleasure of making our own. Chocolate doughnuts these days just don’t cut it and they don’t do anything in favour of your Nutella cravings, so there’s nothing better than making a fine batch of the contraband yourselves. Simply mix Nutella with a little milk, heat on the pan and pour over a batch of doughnuts of your choice.

Nutella and chocolate cake with vanilla and hazelnut ice-cream


Want to go the extra mile on Nutella day? Bake yourself this Nutella cake and top it with vanilla and hazelnut ice-cream. If that wasn’t enough to give you a Nutella-related heart attack, it can be topped with more Nutella, just in case you hadn’t added enough already. With a sugar content that could even be classified as illegal, this cake is one for the hardcore chocolate spread fans that want to make a statement about their dedication to the brand. Can’t get enough of cakes? Read our extreme bakes blog.

Nutella Sandwich Waffle Cookie


Kelly over at JustATaste has created something truly beautiful with these Nutella waffle sandwich cookies, an invention to rival that of the lightbulb or the television set. By placing sweet batter on a griddle and shaping the resulting object into circular items, the creation of the waffle cookie is born. Glued together by a generous helping of Nutella, the cookies are as delicious as they look and work perfectly as party catering options (if you can resist eating any after you make them, that is!). A perfectly golden brown waffle encloses the warm Nutella filling and provides any hazelnut spread junkie with momentary bliss.

Nutella Macarons


These Nutella macarons are just another example of how you can turn the hazelnut spread into a luxurious dessert. Cooking up a batch of these hazelnut macarons is sure to wow your friends (even though you won’t give them any as they taste that great). The biscuit is crisp and light whereas the filling is soft and smooth and is perfect for party catering.

Nutella Vienetta


Put down your spoons and focus on this incredible Nutella ice-cream block, also known as the Nutella Vienetta. This wonderfully delicious looking slab contains three layers of chocolate inside in the signature Vienetta fashion. The result is truly outstanding and you’re left with something so visually appealing that you wouldn’t even want to eat it. Top it off with some whipped cream and chocolate-covered hazelnuts and you’ve got yourself a special dessert.

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