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Dough-nut panic, it’s Doughnut Day 2016!

The phrase Doughnut Day has a real ring to it, and each year thousands of hungry doughnut fans devour their favourite delicacy in honour of this special day. This year many doughnut fiends have upped the ante, aiming to source the most delectable doughnut they can possibly find in the hope of discovering something holey. One of those fiends also includes us here at Kudos Delivered. We’ve been known to whip up and decorate some of the best sweet treats for our clients across London and the UK, so in ode to the true Lord of the Rings, here are some of the doughnuts you NEED to try on Doughnut Day 2016.

Ol’ Dirty B***ard


This mammoth of a doughnut comes from the labs at Voodoo Doughnuts in Oregon. Famously featured on Man v Food, the doughnut creators are widely recognised as one of the first stores to experiment with doughnuts and their appearance. This particular edition is a combination of chocolate frosting, Oreos and peanut butter. Our mouths are watering already!



If you don’t know what a s’more is, prepare to have your mind blown. A s’more is more of an experience (s’more eaters will understand what we’re on about), but in simple terms, a s’more is a graham cracker sandwich with melted marshmallows and chocolate inside. Psycho Doughnuts has taken that principle and added it to our favourite bake, blending in Oreos just for good measure. It’s messy to eat but if the picture is anything to go by, it’s 100% worth it.


Poppy’s Extreme Doughnuts

Poppy’s Extreme Doughnuts takes the regular, comparatively small doughnut and gives it the steroid treatment. These doughnuts are huge. So large in fact that it’s a struggle to even eat one whole, especially those with fillings and toppings. These oversized inflatable rings have unique identities and can be customised on a custom order basis. One thing is for certain though, these doughnuts will leave you more than satisfied.



Putting bacon on anything makes it better – it’s a well-known fact – and doughnuts are no exception. These elongated bakes look more like bacon cakes, but they’re actually rectangular glazed doughnuts topped with maple bacon and a lot of happiness. Bacon and doughnuts – a match made in heaven?

Cereal killer


If this doughnut doesn’t look confusing enough, the geniuses over at Psycho Doughnuts have fused together both breakfast and dessert in an odd yet equally appetising bake. Topped with a variety of popular US breakfast cereals, this ring of fury sports marshmallows, crisp squares and flavoured bites of joy. Join the dark side and eat like a true cereal killer with this monster doughnut.

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