Demand for gluten-free food at an all-time high | KUDOS Delivered

Demand for gluten-free food at an all-time high

Gluten-free options are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK and on a global level. According to The Guardian, over 33% of adults residing in the USA are gluten conscious and incorporate gluten-free produce into their diets. This has resulted in a retail and catering boom, with reportedly one in four products launched in The States referencing gluten-free ingredients.

Office catering firm, Kudos Delivered, has also experienced a surge in gluten-free food, with many clients now requesting it.

Managing Director of Kudos Delivered, Nicky Pratt, commented: “There has been a major growth in requests for gluten-free produce within the past few years, mainly starting in 2013.

“Many delegates opt for gluten-free food as a dietary choice rather than through a means of necessity. The trend seems to have taken off in the US too as their gluten-free cakes, bakes and lunches have soared in popularity.

“As many as one in three bespoke requests include a form of gluten-free cuisine, which we are more than happy to cater for.”

Celebrity culture has even become intertwined with the gluten-free diet, with sporting professionals such as Andy Murray revealing his love for the produce this month in the Evening Standard.

According to a YouGov poll from 2015, 60% of British adults have purchased gluten-free items in the last 12 months. With the trend still surging despite recent negative press, it seems that the reality of gluten-free produce as staple food is dawning on us.