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How to create the perfect picnic hamper

Here we are in the middle of the summer already! How did we get here so quickly?

Summer is the perfect time for picnic lovers. There can be nothing better than a nicely packed hamper with freshly filled sandwiches, seasonal fruit and some chilled wine that you can indulge in at the park with your friends or loved ones.

Following are some of my choice food ideas that I usually add to my precious hamper.

  • Camembert cheese and a bagel. The cheese will naturally melt in the sun and will make a perfect dipping sauce to indulge in with your bagel.
  • Sliced Spanish chorizo ham.
  • Freshly cut fruit is standard, but the more variety the better, and don’t forget some watermelon!
  • Sandwiches! Wraps are my favourite with cream cheese, grated Cheddar cheese and chopped tomatoes.
  • Last but not least, some chilled white Chardonnay Spritzer.

Are you organising an office staff party? Have you run out of ideas? Why not have a picnic party at the park and give KUDOS Delivered a shout to organise picnic food and drinks for you? Check our menu here for a picnic platter that will be brilliant for your party and here for all the working lunch options that can be delivered to your party in the park.