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Coin Street Community Builders – The perfect summer venue

Based in the heart of Waterloo, the Coin Street Conference Centre is one of the most stylish spaces we’ve ever had the pleasure of catering for. The venue is located just around the corner from the BFI IMAX and the Southbank Centre.

Coin Street has certainly done everything it can to draw inspiration from the cultural and artistic influences in the area. With exposed concrete walls and contemporary design, the Centre is absolutely brimming with creativity.

And the venue isn’t the only thing that has been creatively designed… so has the catering! For over a year and a half we have been catering for Coin Street Community Builders (CSCB) and have conjured up all sorts of treats for them, from luxurious lunchtime sandwich spreads to jam-packed hot dinner buffets. Thanks to Coin Street’s roof terrace we can also work around the weather, offering summer foodie options as well as winter warmers.

As summer draws closer, the thought of being stuck indoors talking about targets, aspirations and overheads start to sound very unappealing, which is why CSCB’s open roof terrace is an incredibly unique and useful feature. Why stay trapped indoors when you can network out in the open with the sun shining and conversation flowing? Topped off with our delicious catering options of course, it’s the perfect way to network and discuss ideas.

One of the most rewarding parts about delivering to CSCB is the fact that they love to give back to the community. We had the pleasure of providing our catering services at their Young at Heart event, which saw 85 local elderly people get together for a communal festive dinner. With every meeting you book at CSCB, you’re also investing in South Bank and the Bankside area. If that’s not an incentive then we’re not sure what is!

If you want to find out more about CSCB as a venue, you can visit their site here or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We look forward to feeding you there soon!