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Chef’s flavour of the week: the pescatarian option

One thing we have noticed this year in KUDOS Delivered is the rise of the ‘meat free’ option for office catering. We have observed that eating habits have been changing rapidly in London and that might have something to do with the healthy lifestyle being promoted by the media, celebrities and corporate companies.

Once upon a time, we could guarantee that with every office catering delivery, there would specifically be a BLT added to each order. However, over the past few years, we have noticed increased requirements such as gluten-free and vegan options, which are our most popular. Therefore, our chef has created his flavour of the week of, Mackerel, salmon and wasabi crème fraîche with wild rocket, which is all packed into a delicious sandwich platter and sent to your office with a smile!

There are many benefits of adding fish to your diet and as we spend the majority of our lives at work, we believe that the office should help every staff member in gaining healthy eating habits, whether it is for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner!

So what are the benefits to this flavour of the week?

Did you know that eating two portions of fresh fish a week can help fight heart disease? It can also lower the risk of Alzheimer’s. Fresh fish also has cancer-fighting properties all while easing depression and adding a glow to your skin!

So, if you are thinking of boosting staff morale or surprising your clients with an alternative to the classic BLT, we recommend this awesome pescatarian option. Our team enjoys it, so we have full faith that your team will too… Trust me, I tried it (twice).