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6 Beers you MUST try!

Good news everyone! Friday August 5 is International Beer Day!

This means we’ll have a legitimate excuse to sample a huge range of beers. But what’s the point in going for the standard everyday beers? Why not indulge in the huge range of beers from around the world?

Don’t know which ones are worth trying? That’s where we come in!

We’ve put together a list of beers you might not have had before that are definitely worth trying this Friday.

Blue Moon

This Belgian style whit beer comes straight from the United States – something that you wouldn’t quite expect.

But don’t let that be how you decide on a beer. This is definitely up there with the likes of its whit beer coBlueMoonusins, with a smooth and refreshing taste, citrus tones and a sweet aftertaste, this is definitely one to try this Beer Day!

Hint: Add a slice of orange to the beer to bring out more of its subtle flavours.





For some, this may seem like an obvious choice, but for those looking for a high quality wheat beer packed full of flavour and heritage, there’s only one choice. Hoegaarden is a Belgian whit beer and is probably one of the most famous out there. This is definitely worth a try as it provides a soft, sweet taste that has been a hit ever since iHoegaardent was first brewed back in 1445.

Hint: Many people outside of Belgium put a slice of lemon in their beer to bring out more citrusy flavours.





Cornish Coaster 

Thought we were going to leave out ales? Of course not, they need love too. So we’ve put in one of my personal favourites. Cornish coaster is a ‘bitter’ ale which provides fresh, light and fruity tones, perfect for a hot day. CornishCoaster
With a hoppy / bitter taste, it isn’t too overpowering and provides a sweet taste, worth seeking out this Beer Day.




Meantime Chocolate Porter

We’d like to recommend this extraordinary dark chocolate infused beer. It’s a similar composition to Guinness due to the nature of ‘stout’ beer, but the similarities stop there, this is a beer that is completely Chocolate porterdifferent. It is slightly more filling and heavier than most beers, but when drinking it you are rewarded with a chocolaty aftertaste – a hit or miss for some but something to add to the list nonetheless.





Kronenbourg 1664 Millesime

A slight twist on the Kronenbourg that we usually have, this Millesime edition is a ‘vintage’ 1664 and one that Kronenbourg MillesimeI’ve rarely seen. It has a fruity and sweet taste paired with traces of roasted malt and the taste is said to change each year “much like wine”, so this is one that definitely should be tasted if you can get your hands on it!




Franziskaner Weissbier

We couldn’t leave out the Germans when discussing beer, so we’ve saved the best until last. Frankziskaner is one of the most popular German beers, and when you drink it, you’ll understand why. With a crisp, refreshiFranziskaner Weissbierng taste and a lovely malty smell, this beer is far from overpowering, whilst providing flavour that will leave anyone (beer drinker or not) happy and refreshed. This wheat beer contains tropical fruit flavours such as banana and has been a staple in Munich since 1363, so I think it’s safe to say it’s worth a try!