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6 snack ideas from Euro 2016

With the Euros well and truly over for another 4 years, we thought we would reflect on some of the best snacks from around Europe.


First up on the list is from the host country, France. Gougères are French choux pastries filled with cheese. These light and airy snacks can be picked up with your fingers, perfect if you’re concentrating on the game.

Credit: D’artagnan


A European substitute for the beloved hot dog comes from the Germans in the form of the Bratwurst. This typical German bread roll is served with mustard and horseradish.
Gera (Thüringen): Das sind sie, die leckeren Original Thüringer Rostbratwürste, die hier am 15.03.2002 in Gera von drei Jugendlichen in den Händen gehalten werden. Mit dem beginnenden Frühling und dem bevorstehendem Osterfest werden in Vor- und Kleingärten des Freistaates jetzt zunehmend die Holzkohlegrills angeworfen. (GER456-180302)

Pork and apple sausage roll

England didn’t make it once again but don’t fret because they were there in spirit with a traditional pork and apple sausage roll which is quick, easy and always satisfying.

Pork and Apple Sausage Rolls

Credit – The guide to Surrey

Patatas bravas

The Spanish are great at football and cooking, so how could we leave out their amazing cuisine? Patatas bravas are the perfect snack, with their soft potato filling and crunchy outside topped with a traditional Spanish tomato aioli.


Credit: Jono and Jules


A dish from previous winners, Greece, had to be on the list. Gyros is a quick and easy snack made up of succulent pieces of chicken served with a tzatziki marinade and a traditional Greek salad. It always hits the spot!


Credit – Recipe Tin

Gouda cookies

The Dutch didn’t qualify for this year’s Euros but their food certainly did. Gouda cookies are tasty little snacks that can put a smile on even the saddest fan’s face. They are made with creamy, flavoursome gouda cheese which oozes out with every bite (if they’re served warm).

Credit: DutchFood