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National Fish ‘n’ Chips Day 2017

It comes as no surprise that Friday is generally one of (if not) the most favourite days of the week for the majority of workers. However, what might surprise you, is that this Friday – Friday 2nd June – is National Fish ‘n’ Chips Day – which is another good reason to celebrate this day even more enthusiastically!

The popularity of this iconic British dish, which was historically considered to be a fundamental meal of the working class of the British Isles, has rapidly grown in popularity over the years and at the moment, it is safe to say, it is one of the world’s most favourite dishes!

It all started in the late 1800’s when trawler fishing became a booming industry in the North Sea. Suddenly, the fresh fish happened to be available in the cities and areas further inland. And who would not love this cheap, tasty and filling food, ideal for a hard-working class?

Fish ‘n’ chips had been originally sold as street food, often wrapped in nothing fancier than daily newspapers. Then from the streets of the British Isles it has spread out to Canada, throughout the USA and worldwide. Being sold everywhere, in the street stalls, shops, pubs or fancy restaurants, this really is the food which brings together all cultures and classes.

Which is why our team here at Kudos Delivered offer our clients more than just working lunches and office catering. If you are looking to hold an office party, why not try our Fish ’n’ Chips in cones as an addition to your canapé menu? It’s prepared and cooked from British, ethically sourced, sustainable fish and natural ingredients.